Linda Schwartz Ceramics
Stroudsburg, PA

Graduating in printmaking from Tyler School of Art, I have spent the last 10 years immersed in clay. I find I use many printmakers techniques in my approach to ceramics. Pressing into the clay I create embossed images using type, handmade stamps and found objects. The use of engobes on the textured surfaces borrows from printmaking, and I sometimes work in a series, much like a suite of prints.

While I usually have a specific form in mind, the surface decoration is a combination of conscious thought and intuitive gesture. The slab structures intentionally balance the awkward with the elegant.

It is the beauty of things imperfect, and unconventional, characterized by a suggestion of the natural process, earthiness and simplicity which inspires me.

All my work is one of a kind. If you see something you would like to purchase, please contact me. I do commissions for special occasion pieces, tiles, and signage.